Who we are

We are a company based in a population of the province of Alicante, Cañada, located in a strategic location due to its proximity to the road infrastructure (immediate connection with Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid, with eastern Andalusia and northern of Comunidad Valenciana), and secondly because of its proximity to the industrial hub linking Vinalopó basin (mainly footwear and related) of the FOIA Castilla (toys, plastic injection ...).

Since its founding in 1992, we developed a series of products, all manufactured in our factory under strict quality control based on ISO 9001:2008. We are specialized in boxes for electrical installations and telecommunications in homes.

- Flush mounted box for mechanisms.

- Boxes for ICP and distribution.

- Junction boxes flush mounted or register.

- Boxes for hollow partition wall, type pladur

- Boxes for pre-installation of air conditioning.

- Etc.

The main feature of our products is the ease of assembly, with a clear positive impact on costs by reducing the impact of labor required. As well we have a separate packaging for the different elements, making it easier for customers to purchase parts separately according to their actual needs. To this we must add that we have sufficient stocks permanently and that this results favorably for the replenishments, because are made in a very short time.

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